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Alan Chaess

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Alan is the evil mastermind behind Otaku Generation, and is in charge of most of the production aspects of the podcast. The podcast is recorded on equipment contributed by him and Tech Guru Todd, and Alan does all of the audio editing before each episode is released. Alan also takes pictures during each show and makes them available online.


Alan is a long time AMV creator, and many of the guests of the show come from his contacts in that community.


Alan's production company is Red Apple Productions, under whose umbrella this podcast is released.




Name: Alan Chaess

Sign: Don't touch me! You don't know where I've been!

Blood Type: C++

Favorite Anime: Nadesico

Favorite J-Music: Shina Ringo (J-Rock); Ayumi Hamasaki (J-Pop); Utada Hikaru; Hysteric Blue; M-Flo (J-Hop); (the list is long...)

Favorite Tech Toy: Computer, PDA / Mobile Phone. all the podcasting gear!

Favorite Food: Popcorn

Favorite Asian Snack: Crunky

Loves: J-Music, AMVs, Anime, Air, HOT Women, Podcasting, Flying Monkey Roll, Video Editing, Programming

Fears: (not much) ...I still got a lot of life left to find out what... oh Tub Girl ((>.<)) YUCK!!!!

Tagline: "I'm off like a prom dress!" "Awesomeness!" 



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